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About Us

QVO!  A father y su hijos sharing our art and love for the city we grew up in through creative design and screen printing.  Born and raised in New Mexico, we are inspired by the art born from the diverse culture we have grown to know and love and want nothing more than to spread New Mexico through our eyes.  We offer our original designs for purchase and custom order screen printing services.

Thank you for stopping by, here is our journey! 

Born and raised here in Albuquerque Joe Cordova and 2 of his sons Eric and Isaac have always had a love for art. Small sketches became large finished drawings/paintings, and were often gifted to friends and family. We have always been looking for ways to expand our artistic horizons from making pinatas, to painting large murals, wood working, tattooing, etc. We love our city, our beloved Burque, and strive to represent and showcase the beauty of the landscape, culture, and people with all of our original designs. Our people, MI BURQUE!


As aficionados of ales and with the local brewery scene exploding we came up with ideas to represent Albuquerque at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival in Denver and thus “Albrewquerque” was born. We came up with an original design that was well received and had some shirts made. Fast forward to 2018 when we had the crazy idea to print and make the shirts ourselves. By changing up the design and offering it to our friends and family we stumbled on a popular line that will continue to evolve as a new design is created every year for this event. With the knowledge and equipment to screen print we soon had those same friends and family approach us to design and print shirts for their sports teams, events, and clubs.  It was then that we knew it was time to establish "Cordova Ink 505" to continue doing what we love and giving back to the community. 


QVO! An old slang expression meaning, “WHAT’S UP!” is how we greet everyone on our social media and will be another line of our original shirts. Though we aim to be professional as a business, we can’t deny our sense of humor and love for the “moch” and or “Spanglish” language spoken in Albuquerque and use it often. Please don’t let this scare you away, we just love to have a good time!


We thoroughly enjoy every step of the process from design work, preparing screens, and of course printing! Our goal is to make our customers dream come true in a timely matter and at a reasonable price. There is nothing more rewarding than delivering that final product and seeing the customer’s reaction to their vision becoming a reality.

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